Co+op Curbside is a grocery ordering service from The Merc Co+op. Order and pay for your groceries via our website or mobile app! Then, drop by the co-op and we’ll deliver and load them into your vehicle. Call us upon arrival at 785-843-8544 Extension 114.

Here’s how it works:

  • Place your order on The Merc Co+op online store, or via the free Merc Co+op app for Android (Google Play) or iOS (Apple Store).
  • Arrive at The Merc Co+op during your selected 30-minute pickup window and give us a call at 785–843-8544, ext. 114.
  • Stay in your vehicle, and we will bring your groceries out and load them for you!

What you’ll get:

  • Almost anything* in the store, at in-store prices (including sales and special offers).
  • Hand-selected produce, meat and seafood, chosen by specially-trained Merc Co+op staff.
  • Item substitutions that take your needs into consideration, including dietary limitations and allergies.
  • Groceries stored at appropriate temperatures (rotisserie chicken kept hot, refrigerated and frozen items kept cold) until you arrive. No order minimums, and same-day orders at no extra charge.

*Made-to-order sandwiches, self-serve beverages and food (hot bar, salad bar, daily soups), bulk water, and Delta 8 products are not available via Curbside.

Curbside Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I place an order?

  • Go to The Merc Co+op online store or download the Merc Co+op app on Google Play or the Apple Store.

  • Browse the site or search for specific products and add them to your online cart.

  • When you’re ready to place your order, choose your pickup time and date, and pay seamlessly through the website.

Do I have to create an online account to order? 

No, creating an online account is not required. However, creating an account will allow you to:

  • Save payment information for easier ordering

  • Mark favorite products

  • Save grocery lists for future orders

  • Access your order history

  • Use past orders to quickly select and order your groceries

  • Save order notes on individual items

Can I use my owner number with Co+op Curbside?

Yes! To use your owner number, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on the online store.

  • Include your owner number in the Order Notes field at checkout.

That’s it! On following orders, your owner number will be attached to your account and will not need to be re-entered.

What can I order through Co+op Curbside?

Just about anything in the store! Produce, meat and seafood, groceries, bulk, prepared foods, beer, bath, body and wellness items, and more are available via Curbside.

EXCLUSIONS: made-to-order sandwiches, self-serve beverages and foods (hot bar, salad bar, daily soups), bulk water and Delta 8 products.

How much does it cost to use Co+op Curbside?

We charge a $5.99 convenience fee for all orders, with no order minimums. This fee helps to off-set the technology costs necessary to operate our Curbside program.

What is the provisional charge?
The provisional charge is a temporary amount added to your order total—$5 or 10% of the item total, whichever is higher—which allows for small changes to the amount of your order, such as those from bottle deposits, final sales tax, and items sold by weight.

When your order is complete, we charge your card for exactly what was in your final order, and no more.


  • Adding any items to your order may result in additional pending hold(s) for the new total of your order.

  • For catering orders, the provision charge will still appear, but will not be charged when we process payment

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Credit card

  • Debit card

  • EBT/SNAP (a credit or debit card number will also be needed, to cover any items not eligible for EBT/SNAP)

Can I use a store gift card to pay for my Curbside order?

You may use a Merc gift card to pay for all or part of your Curbside order, but you will still need to provide one of the standard payment methods (credit, debit, EBT/SNAP) to place your order.

To use a Merc Co+op gift card on a Curbside order, please include the following information with your order, or email it to us:

  • The gift card number below the bar code

  • The amount on the card (if known)

  • The amount you wish you use (either of what’s on the card or what’s on the order)

If you pay with a gift card, you will receive a receipt stating any remaining balance on the card(s) along with your order receipt.

Can I have my order delivered?
At this time, we do not offer delivery.

I can’t come pick up my order myself. Can someone else pick it up for me?

Yes! If you are unable to pick up your own order, you may designate another person to pick it up for you. Simply provide us the name of the person who will pick up your order, and have them call and give their name and the name on the order when they arrive.

Can I change my order (once it has been submitted)?

Yes! You may make changes to your order online until we begin shopping your order. Here’s how:

  • Click My Account, then My Orders, then click your order number.

  • Make any changes (add or remove items, change amounts, etc.)

  • Finish your order as normal.

If you cannot make changes, then our shoppers have already begun picking your order. At this point, you may call the Curbside department at 785-843-8544 ext. 235 or email us to request changes to your order.

Changes while the order is being shopped cannot be guaranteed. We will, however, do our best to make these changes if payment hasn’t been processed yet.

PLEASE NOTE: If you make any changes to your order that exceed the provisional hold, the system will require you re-enter payment information to cover an additional provisional hold for each new estimated total of your order. In some cases, your bank may not let go of the original hold for up to one week. Please know that this is a limitation enforced by your bank and not by The Merc Co+op.

When can I place a Curbside order?

  • Co+op Curbside may be shopped by visiting at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, up to 7 days in advance.

  • Same-day orders must be placed a minimum of 3 hours before pickup time.

What times are available for Curbside pick-up?

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day, with same-day orders available from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Who is picking my order?

Specially trained, dedicated Curbside shoppers, who are focused on quality and ensuring you enjoy the best online grocery shopping experience.

What happens if the item I ordered is out of stock?

Your order settings help determine what happens when an item you have ordered is out of stock.

  1. If you allow substitutions (best comparable, same brand/different size, same size different brand, same price/different brand/size) then we will make the best substitution we can, if available.

  2. If you do not allow substitutions, no substitutions will be made.

You may also leave notes under individual items with special requests (organic only, sale item only, price limits for substitutions) if you desire, to help guide our selections.

How do I know I received everything I ordered?

All orders are double-checked by our staff, but if you have a question or concern about your order once you unpack your items, please contact us at 785-843-8544 or email us.

How will my groceries be bagged?

For packing groceries, we use both paper bags and small, sturdy boxes when necessary. If you have any special requests or weight restrictions, please make a note on your order or contact us.

What happens if I can’t pick up my order on time?

If you are running late for a pickup time, or need to change your pickup day, please call 785-843-8544 ext. 235 as soon as possible, and we will get you rescheduled.

How will I know that my order has been received?

Once you submit your order online, you will be brought to a confirmation page with an order confirmation number. In addition, you will also receive a notification email with order details.

What if I don’t receive an email?

In the event you do not receive an email confirmation:

  • Please check your spam folder or other alternate email folders (All Mail, Junk, etc.)

  • Please ensure that you have submitted the order on the final checkout screen and have received an order confirmation number.

  • If you still do not see your confirmation email, please contact Co+op Curbside at 785-843-8544 Extension 235 or email us.

When will I know my order is ready for pick-up?

You will receive email notification when your order is marked Ready for Pickup by Curbside staff.

Please arrive at your scheduled pick-up time, even if you have not received a notification, unless otherwise arranged with a Curbside representative.

Where will I pick up my order?

  • Designated Curbside pickup spots are located at the end of the first row of covered parking spots, right next to the large green sign near Iowa St.

  •  In inclement weather (heavy rain or icy conditions), please call 785-843-8544 ext. 235 to arrange a safe pickup location.

Does the website save my credit card information?

Not automatically. You may choose to save your payment information if you have created an account, and select “Save my payment information” when you place an order.

NOTE: Your credit card information is transmitted only from the Curbside website to the Merc Co+op registers along with the order information, and cannot be accessed directly by Curbside staff.

Do the prices online differ from the in-store price?

No. While Curbside orders are charged a shopping fee, the price online will never differ from the prices in-store.

What about sale prices/the Weekly Ad prices/senior discounts?

Weekly sale prices on your order are determined by the day of pickup, not the day you order.

Sale prices change on Wednesdays. If you place an order on Tuesday night for Wednesday pickup, the items that were on sale Tuesday may not still be on sale for your Wednesday pickup.

Senior discounts are only applicable to orders picked up on Tuesdays, regardless of the date the orders are placed.

Will I be able to use coupons?

Paper coupons you have at home cannot be used with online ordering at this time. You may, however, add the following discounts to your order:

  • Digital promotion codes provided by The Merc Co+op: enter in under Promo Code while placing order

  • Mailer marketing coupons (monthly deals, Owner Appreciation discounts): Place coupon information in the Order Notes and Curbside staff will apply them to your order

Additionally, Curbside staff will collect in-store coupons that apply to items in your order, if they are available, to get you the best prices possible.

I like to pick my own produce, meat and seafood. How do I know you’ll pick the freshest available?

Quality and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our staff has been rigorously trained to hand-select premium produce, meat and seafood items for each order with great care, to consult department staff when necessary, and to properly store items once they have been selected.

If you have any special requests (i.e. side cuts of beef, green bananas), please include them in the item notes and we will do our best to adhere to your preferences. 

Please note: if the products in stock do not meet your specifications, they may be left off the order or substitutions may be made.

What happens if the items received do not meet my quality standards?

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you are unsatisfied with the items received, please be sure to let us know as soon as possible, so we can make it right.

Will I need to show identification?

Yes. Please have identification ready for your Curbside shopper once you’ve let us know you’re here.

What is your alcohol policy?

Any order containing items considered alcoholic by the State of Kansas (including non-alcoholic beer substitutes) MUST be picked up by an adult over the age of 21. In order to pick up these items, you must show the birthdate on your ID. 

If a minor will be picking up the order, or the pickup person’s age cannot be verified, the alcohol will be removed from the order.

Are tips accepted for pick up?

While we appreciate the sentiment, our employees may not accept tips.

Further Questions? Contact Us: