Good Pop Junior Pops, Assorted 6 Ea

Organic fruit! Do good & give back. Ingredients. Flavors. Mission. Simply the best! 6 Assorted junior pops. Good Pops. Good Purpose. The three pillars that each and every GoodPop stands for! Business as a force for good. The good in GoodPop. The cleaned-up classic. A mouthwatering treat made with 100% fruit juice with no added sugar. If it's a GoodPop, it'll never have - HFCS, GMOs, refined sugar or sugar alcohol sweeteners. Responsible Fair Trade ingredient sourcing. Do a little good. Please recycle this box. We're a small company with a big passion for doing social good & giving back. The good in our name goes beyond making deliciously clean frozen treats. The GoodPops you're enjoying create everyday social good via fair trade & organic ingredients sourcing, humanitarian efforts and our Pledge Good Foundation. Pledge good. Do good. Feel good. Pick a good deed & make your pledge. GoodPop donates to a cause of your choice. Everyone wins! It's that simple! Make your pledge at (hashtag)pledgegood foundation supports: Supporting equality and inclusion; Ending hunger in America; Helping animals find homes; Nurturing a health environment. Certified B Corporation. Business as a force for good.