Maple Hill Kefir, Organic, Plain, Unsweetened 32 Oz

Cultured whole milk. USDA Organic. Real certified organic ingredients. Certified organic by PCO OPT grass-fed organic certified by PCO. Gluten free. No GMOS. 100% grassfed. Kefir live & active cultures. Belly-friendly probiotics. Grass-fed: Certified organic dairy. No artificial anything, no antibiotics. Better for cows. Better for us. All of our milk come from our own Maple Hill cows! 100% Grass Fed: America's original organic dairy. Milk the way nature intended from pasture raised cows. No corn, no grain, just grass! Butterfly. Charma Lea farm. Sharon Springs, NY. Hi! I'm a mom of two, Monarch and Aurora. Grade A. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. 518.758.7777.