Oatly Oat Milk, 100% Vegan 32 Fl Oz

The original. Wow no cow! We promise to be a good company. We are not a perfect company, not even close, but our intentions are true. We would like to be judged by the good we do and not just the pretty words we say. Our goal is to deliver products that provide real nutritional value and minimal environmental impact which is why everything we make is based on oats. We promise that making nutritious products that help people upgrade their lives will always come before the reckless pursuit of profit. We aim to produce the most responsible products possible and are working to make the food industry a more honest place by declaring to be transparent in everything we do. Lastly, we are not usually this serious on our packages and promise not to make it a habit. The cold, hard world of customer feedback. Stick to oatmilk. We get it often. Why don`t you just shut up about what you think and focus on your own products. Well, if your only reason for being is to make money for your shareholders, then that is a generic and safe strategy, but it is certainly not ours. If you want to built a better society for people and work to ensure the planet we live on continues to live past our limited time here, then it makes perfect sense to share what we think is important, like treating people equally and fairly, producing food that is nutritious and sustainable, and opting for plants over animals as a source of nourishment. If that`s not something you are into, that`s okay. Freedom is such a wonderful thing. Added sugars are created when we liquefy our oats. Learn more at us.oatly.com/sugars. FSC: Mix - Board. Glyphosate residue free. detoxproject.org.