Organic Valley Eggs, Organic, Free Range, Large 6 Ea

Grade A. The Glick family farm. Organic valley farm-owner. Fresh from our PA family farms. USDA organic. Organic is always non GMO. We Never Use: Synthetic hormones (Synthetic hormones are not allowed in the production of eggs per USDA regulation). Toxic pesticides antibiotics, GMOs. Fresh air. Sunshine pasture free forage (Weather permitting). Family Farmer Feature: Meet The Kauffmans Ben and Ruth Ann Kauffman have been Organic Valley farmer-owners since 2013. Together with their six children, they raise hens organically on 20 rolling acres in the same central Pennsylvania valley as Ben's two brothers. Raising hens is truly a family endeavor for the Kauffmans. Their birds get to scratch and peck just outside the barn, and they give us eggs with the beautiful golden yolks that come when you raise hens the right way. Oregon tilth certified organic. Get clucking! We'll listen! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Recyclable BPA free. 100% recycled & recyclable carton.