Talia Di Napoli Pizza, Margherita 14.1 Oz

Neapoletan pizza. Hand-made in Naple, Italy. All natural ingredients. Why is our freezing better? Our patented cryogenic freezing process allows us not to use any additives or preservatives. This maintains the original freshness and flavors of our ingredients. Our margherita pizza is made using all natural premium ingredients. Sourdough: Made using only the highest quality 00 flour and naturally leavened with mother dough (starter) without added yeast. Tomato Sauce: Made exclusively from Italian pomodori (tomatoes) grown in Italy. Perfected into our signature flavorful and balanced sauce. Mozzarella: Sourced from the Campania region in Italy. Basil: Sourced from Italy for its signature fresh aroma and taste. Each and every pizza is hand-made, and therefore unique. No additives, no preservatives. We use all natural ingredients. We do not add any preservatives or additives. Plastic neutral CleanHub. Carbon Neutral Certified. We help divert plastic from our oceans. In partnership with Cleanhub we divert non-recyclable plastic from our oceans and convert it into energy. Our pizzas are carbon neutral. In partnership with Agendi, we pay a voluntary climate contribution to offset our carbon footprint.